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The Walkaround (Amnesia) mp3 
01:19pm 09/09/2007
  Has everyone heard the Ben Nichols and Cory Branan podcast at Hard Core Troubadours? It has a great version of The Walkaround (a.k.a Amnesia). Does anyone have an mp3 of that song? I am dying to have it and cannot find it anywhere! I would be eternally grateful if someone could upload it or point me in the right direction.  

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New Song (Amnesia) 
08:39am 20/03/2007
  Well, if you haven't heard, and some of you haven't...check out:

The Last Chance Diner

for stuff like this:


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08:57am 13/03/2007

It's live.

You should join.


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Exclusive Cory Branan Music Video Directed by Matt Bradley! 
07:03pm 08/03/2007

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Since I'm in the Valentine's Day Spirit... 
08:34am 14/02/2007
  Here's one for all the folks out there:


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This is what you've been waiting for! 
09:07pm 07/02/2007

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Ratlin Bog 
10:16am 25/01/2007
  This is as fun as it gets, folks...

Special Thanks to Heath Davis for the video.

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11:37pm 16/01/2007

Cory has officially pissed off the KISS army or whatever.

Any thoughts?

I think it's absolutely hilarious. :)

Took 'em long enough. Haha.

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04:03pm 21/12/2006
  No one else has pointed this out yet, but.....


It's just 2 shows in Kentucky so far, but damn I'm excited for him.

Check out the details on his myspace.

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When you say.... 
04:13pm 10/10/2006
  Don't put it on the innernet...you know I will...especially when you forget the first verse.


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One of Several 
08:39pm 01/10/2006
  Here is 'Troublesome Girl' by Mr. Cory Branan...Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC.


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03:12pm 03/09/2006
  notice also that i can't spell for shit today...my apologies.


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Last Chance Diner Update / Bootlegs 
03:03pm 03/09/2006
  hey all - please the carbonkid's post (thread below) about making this more useful for all that have an interest in it and all the new folks that might pop in...i really have no idea what this entails, other than that i'm a moron and hae trouble navigating throught this...if it works, then fine, but any suggestions as to whether it can exist her more efficiently, or if we take it to a more user friendly message board and make it really simple for all here to sign up there

open to suggestions, but i told the carbonkid that i'd like to stay in touch with someone who
has the time and passion to administrate and i'd be happy to arm them with info, .mp3s, pics, latest news, etc. on cory's end. any other suggestions are welcome as well (and no, not the type of suggestion that says 'why can't cory come play at my pool party or bat-mitzvah...more along the lines of "it's a pain in the ass to find out when and where cory is playing and details and so forth, etc. etc. and i'd be glad to help make that easier with input on y'alls end).

also, hopefully you've checked out cory's myspace page and had a listen to the bootlegs, etc. we posted...if you have anything not up there or otherwise readily available, please send an email
to info@corybranan.com as i'd love to get as much cory music as is possible and if its good i'll add it to the player.

cheers all. please give me your input.

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08:11pm 22/08/2006
  Anyone else going to the show at Otherlands this Friday? My friends are totally lame and bailed on yet another show I invited them to. Ugh. Paul Taylor and the Frayed Wires are openning. 7pm $5 dollars CHEAP!CHEAP!CHEAP!


Don't let my mom be the only one to go with me. Sure, I loooooooooove my mom and she's actually very cool and unembaressing to be around, but.....don't leave me hanging. K?

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another one 
03:43pm 08/08/2006
  new intro and new song from the midtown record done live at the EARL 2006

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05:20pm 05/08/2006

I did infact jump up and do a happy dance when I saw this.

Anyone have a clue that this was coming? Oh, man, I'm siked!


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here you go! 
07:03pm 03/08/2006
  hey folks,
here's a live version of "prettiest waitress..." fused with a john prine melody.
it was recorded 2006 at the EARL in east Atlanta

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Last Chance Diner may be moving...but that is up to you! 
08:19am 02/08/2006
  I've been asked if we would like to take this Cory Branan thing of the Last Chance Diner to a message board and host it there, vaguely, or directly, modeled like the Lucero message board. Do I have any Yays or Nays? Most comments of Yay or Nay win, people.  

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01:45pm 26/07/2006

I have no words.


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05:04pm 06/07/2006
  I have this really mysterious power where if I ask for a show I GET IT! Hah. I just noticed it, but I'm pretty stoked about it!

For example: I asked for an all-ages show and then POOF! July 19th @ the Hi-Tone.
I asked that he play at Otherlands sometime soon(because it just opened as a venue) and POOF! August 25th @ Otherlands.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, anybody lookin' for a show? Hah.

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